Who Are We?

About Us…

We’ve been helping indie publishers and authors publish eBooks since 2002 – long before the Kindle was a glimmer in Amazon’s eye.  We’ve seen formats and devices come and go.  We still have a few legacy devices in desk drawers (remember the Rocket eBook?  How about the Franklin eBookman?) and we’ll still publish a PDB edition now and again if an author requests it.  Here’s what we wrote way back in 2002, when explaining to authors the benefits of publishing in eBook formats:

Ten years from now, possibly sooner, many of us will be reading books, plays and articles on hand-held devices that fit in our pockets.  Instead of traveling to our local libraries, we will be downloading our reading material from internet libraries and eBook stores directly into these hand-held devices or our home computers.

We will have the ability to make annotations and comments in the text, without ever picking up a pen.  Imagine highlighting important passages, without marking up pages. Conduct full-text searches for specific information, without ever having to dog-ear a page; we’ll be able to access related works by linking directly to bibliographic sources.  And we’ll be cutting down far fewer trees.

Obviously, the day of the eBook has arrived!

The management and staff of SRS Internet Publishing represent a diverse combination of experienced talent from both the print and online publishing worlds.  With backgrounds in publishing, Internet technology, web design and development and online marketing and promotion, our staff is able to assist authors with a level and quality of service that addresses all the demands of this new publishing model. 

What some of our clients have to say…

SRS Internet Publishing skillfully guided me across the technological minefield of Kindle and Nook codes to publish my book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. They demonstrated an impressive breadth of knowledge and depth of patience. As a neophyte to the ever-widening world of online publishing, I could not have succeeded with Kindle and Nook without competent advice and talent, which SRS Internet Publishing provides!

— Anthony Koeninger, author of The Education of Luke Cullahay

Keeping up with technology is almost a job in itself. It seems changes are occurring on a monthly basis, which gets to be confusing. I’ve used SRS Internet Publishing’s services to get my books in acceptable formats and designs on many occasions. Online technology is a specialty and SRSIP gets the work done quickly and affordably.

A. Margaret Clarke, authorof Tips to Heal with Vibrational Energy

I considered getting involved with ebook publishing years ago, but could never bring myself to take the first step. Not being a computer programmer, the thought of all that technology was intimidating to me. SRS Internet Publishing took me by the hand and explained, in a patient and easy-to-understand way, the entire process before formatting a beautifully designed e-book. Thanks, everyone!

Peggy King, author of Struck by Love

Publishing is fast nowadays! People are reading info as soon as it comes out. However, the Internet is full of traps for people who don’t yet know how to publish online. Millions of individuals go to Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble or Kobo to buy books now – both print and electronic. Ebooks and the ever-changing (improving) devices have made reading exciting again. Thanks to SRS Internet Publishing for their expertise and patience in helping me create my eBooks.

— John Philip Hunter, author of Learn the Constellations; Getting Started with Star Gazing; Comets for Kids: Travelers Through Space; Astrology & Astronomy: Cosmic Cousins