Benefits of Self-Publishing

There are quite a few advantages to self-publishing.  If you’ve never considered it before, or if self-publishing seems much too complicated, please take a moment to consider the following:

Authors are not forced to share the profits!

the benefits of self-publishing

The best part of our content conversion service is that authors receive 100 percent of the profits from the sale of their works – we don’t pay royalties because we take no percentage of the authors’ sales!  You own and control the rights to your book… and the profits!  You determine the sale price!

Authors can get their books out quickly!

With traditional publishing, it often takes months – sometimes years – for your book to be released.  First you have to find a publisher willing to sign you to a contract.  Perhaps you had to find an agent before a publishing company would even give you the time of day.  Finding an agent is no easy task either.  With self-publishing, you can get your book into the hands of retailers almost as soon as you’ve completed it.  You’re in control – not a  publishing executive or editor who has hundreds of other writers to manage.

Authors maintain the integrity of their work!

You’ve spent the past four or five years of your life writing your masterpiece.  You had a vision and a story to tell… one you wanted to share with the world.  You poured your heart and soul into it.  After months of searching, you finally found an agent willing to represent you (for a big piece of the pie, of course), but there’s one catch – you’ll have to make about 47 different changes to your manuscript.  When you self-publish, however, you get to publish the story YOU want to tell – not the story an agent or editor wants to tell.

e-reader device and eBook cover

Easier and more affordable than ever!

In the “old” days, there were a handful of companies – vanity presses, they were called – that would publish books for authors at considerable cost.  Many such companies still exist today, although they no longer refer to themselves as vanity presses (no doubt in an effort to disguise their true nature!)  They’ll “publish” your book, but only if you have $5,000 to $15,000 and are willing to give them a percentage of your profits.  THEIR name will be the publisher name of record and, in some cases, THEY will own the rights to your title.

We are not interested in being listed as your publisher in Bowker’s Books in Print.  We are not interested in owning any portion of the rights to your work, nor are we interested in earning money from each sale of your book.  Our goal is simple – to put the power back into the hands of authors by helping them become their OWN publishers.  We’ll take care of the technical aspects of book publishing so you can concentrate on what you do best – writing!

Please note:  SRS Internet Publishing is not a publisher.  We do not purchase or license the rights to your work.  We do not procure ISBN numbers or copyrights for authors.  We provide book production, electronic content conversion and editorial services for self-published and indie authors who wish to sell their works online in both print and electronic formats.