Book Cover Design

There really is no underestimating the importance of a well designed book cover.  This is especially true for self-publishing indie authors and more so for those publishing eBooks.

book cover design

Everything starts with the cover.  It must stand out, because it has one chance to attract the buyer’s attention.  You need a cover design that looks professional – not something that appears to have been designed with a child’s graphics program.   The color scheme has to be pleasing to the eye.  The fonts must be readable and styled appropriately for the genre of your book.  The images or graphics utilized must make sense in the context of your book’s subject matter.

With an eBook,  the cover design must also look good as a small image.  On the eBook retailer sites, book covers are often presented as a thumbnail images.  It can be a challenge to create a cover that has visual impact AND looks great when it’s tiny… but it is critical because it can really make a difference in sales.  An author should hire a professional who is experienced in creating book covers.  The secret is that the cover should look professionally done, because eBook buyers can tell the difference… and their assumption is, if the cover looks bad the writing’s probably bad, too.  You spent months, if not years, writing your book.  Don’t sell it short by launching it with a sub-par book cover.  We’ve been designing great covers for eBooks since 2002.  Let us design yours today!