Book Design

In today’s world of self-publishing, book design has never been more important.  We’ve all heard one should not judge a book by its cover… and many of us don’t – except when we’re looking for a new book to buy.  The fact is, the cover design of a book is the most important marketing element for any author to consider.  People process images first before text, so that first “look” needs to pique an interest to investigate further.

book designing on a computer

An author may have the most creative imagination in the world and the innate talent to transcribe those creative thoughts into words and sentences that are worthy of awards, but if the content is buried within an ill-designed book with no curb appeal, no one will ever know.  First-time authors should seek help designing their books.

The three main sections of a book are front, body and back.  Within those sections are many components and elements to help an author convey the message that they intended.  Not all books will use every single component; it will depend on budget constraints, audience, intended usage and personal taste.  However, the highest quality books, written by the most successful authors, include all aspects of good book design.

An eBook has only one exterior book design element – the cover.  And, it’s crucial.  Poor book cover design can literally make or break an eBook!  For print books, exterior book design components include:

  • Cover
  • Dust Cover
  • Flaps
  • Back Cover
  • Spine
  • Banding
  • Title

Interior Book Design Components Include:

  • Content
  • Style
  • Format
  • Headings
  • Footer and page number
  • Fly leaves
  • Empty pages
  • Title page
  • Back page
  • Credits
  • Dedication
  • Table of contents
  • Photos or illustrations
  • Chapters and Sections
  • Bibliography
  • Imprint page at end of book

These elements of book design hold the key to the overall success of having your book read and appreciated.  The addition of high-quality graphics, intriguing titles, and pleasing and readable fonts can make the difference between good and poor book sales. Contact us for information on our book design services.