EBook Distribution

Once your eBook is ready to go, we’ll provide you with the files you’ll need to make your book available for sale on the online retailers’ sites.  Before you can upload, however, you’ll need to create publishing accounts at each site.  Or, if you have already established accounts, we can handle just the uploading process or walk you through it.  None of these retailers charge a fee to set up an account. You have full control over pricing your book, the retailers will handle the transactions for you, and then pay a royalty on any sales.

eBook distribution

If you’re uncomfortable with the account creation process, we can handle it for you at Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), Barnes & Noble (Nook Press), Kobo Books (Writing Life) and the other online retailers.  Once your account is confirmed, we’ll upload your eBook and metadata for distribution. Once you book is on sale, you’ll have the ability to log in and check your sales figures at any time.  You can even change the pricing for your book or update the summary.

One of the great things about making your eBook available with the major retailers is that you’ll be able to reach a worldwide audience.  For instance, with a Kobo Writing Life account, your book will be available from its main online store AND from the websites of its bookseller partners around the world.   And, Amazon now sells Kindle eBooks in 10 different countries not counting the U.S.

We also offer services to maximize your eBook’s visibility by researching keywords, recommending the best categories to put your book, and making suggestions regarding your book description/summary.  If you’re interested in also selling your eBook from your own website, be sure to check out our website services.