Ebook Formatting & Conversion

Before making your work available as an eBook, the manuscript should be prepared properly. This is where book design comes in.  Book interior design includes formatting the title page, the front matter, the table of contents, chapter headings, font selection, the end matter, etc. Although you don’t have as much flexibility with eBook interior design as you do with print books, it’s still an important first step in making sure you create an eBook that looks as good as it reads.

Ebook formatting and conversion

We Prepare Your File for Conversion: 

There’s more to creating a good eBook file than loading it into a software program and clicking a “convert” button.  In order for an eBook to display and function correctly on a wide variety of devices, it must be manually converted and formatted.  For instance, chapter headings must be formatted correctly so the table of contents links to proper locations within the eBook.  Bad conversion and formatting can lead to bad reviews… and bad reviews can have a direct impact on book sales.  Our team of eBook designers has the talent and know-how to make sure that doesn’t happen to your book.

We Convert Your File to the Popular eBook Formats:

You might think that after all this time, one standard eBook file format would have emerged that would be suitable for every device on the market.  Unfortunately, that’s not the case.  While the Kobo, Nook and other eReader devices support Epub, the Kindle doesn’t.  Instead, it has its own proprietary format.  We convert your book to the main formats used by online eBook retailers and then test their appearance and functionality on a variety of devices to make sure they look great. (We can also convert your book to a print book as well as an audiobook!  Contact us for more information.