Why Self-Publish?

Many authors have become disillusioned with the traditional publishing world. It seems as though it’s become an exclusive club to which only money, an already-established name or a great deal of luck will gain you entrance. Talent is no longer the primary criteria admittance.  Think about some recent and well-known bestsellers. How many of them would you consider to be great literature? Or even worth reading? Probably not as many as you would hope.

why self-publish books

The vast majority of these books came to print through the traditional process – manuscripts sent to agents, who then pitched them to publishers, who bought the rights and designed, edited and distributed them… hopefully with a decent marketing budget.  That’s a lot of people who handle your book before it even makes it to the general public – a lot of people who all have to think it’s “good enough” and worth the time and effort.

It doesn’t have to be that way.  Self-publishing – especially eBook publishing – is easy if you have a little knowledge and/or help.  Plus, you are afforded total freedom in regards to design and content. One of the most difficult things authors experience with traditional publishing is losing control of their work. Often, the published version looks and reads very different than the original manuscript – and not necessarily for the better. Most publishing companies are in the business of publishing books that will make money, books they believe will have a wide audience.  It’s not uncommon for them to require significant changes to settings, characters and plot.  Don’t let that happen to you!  Publish the story YOU want to tell – not the story an editor or publisher wants you to tell!  Explore the many benefits of self-publishing.